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30 Ideas for Awesome Content

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

One of the things we hear the most is how difficult and time consuming it is to come up with engaging content on a consistent basis.  This is totally understandable, especially if engaging with your audience online is new to you and your business.

Commonly people assume that there’s no reason why their audience wants to hear about their daily life.  We constantly hear that “No one wants to read about what I had for lunch,” and they scoff at any person who feels the need to take pictures of their food and document their day. 


While your lunch specifically may not interest people, the behind the scenes aspects of your business definitely will.  Step outside your comfort zone and give it a try with some of the ideas listed below. Make sure you track your engagement, and let us know how it goes!

Content Ideas 


Document your morning routine on your Instagram stories. Include pictures and gifs.


Have a favourite coffee shop you stop at every morning? Take a selfie and tag them in it. No you won’t look dumb. Everyone does it, and you’re engaging with your community online! Yay!


Introduce your employees. Do a series highlighting everyone who works with you. Let your audience know the faces behind your business.


Is the weather terrible today? Post about it! Use emojis! Share a video of the forecast.


Speaking of sharing, share a video or post from another business you follow. They will thank you for it, trust us.


What are you working on this morning? Let your audience know! They want to see there’s people behind your business.


Are people commenting or engaging with you yet? Respond!


What is your team working on? Any special projects? Let them take over your Instagram stories and tell your audience about it.


Do you have any new products coming out? Tease it with a photo and a short description.


Give a video tour of your office. Better yet, do it live.


Hire a local videography company (*ahem) to create social media specific videos for you. Video gets more engagement than any other type of content.


How are you feeling about your work today? Excited? Anxious? Busy? Overwhelmed? Pumped up? Find a gif that captures that description and post it.


Remember that lunch you never thought in a million years that you would photograph, let alone post about? Yeah do that. Find your nearest sandwich shop with the Instagrammable food and do your thang. Don’t forget to tag them.


New stuff up on the website? Tweet a link to it.


Clients at the office for a meeting? Ask them if you can photograph it and then post about it. And tag them. Again, they won’t mind. They’re trying to build their online community too!


Long weekend? Post about it. Ask people what their plans are.


Feeling the after lunch lull? Post about it. (People like honesty and authenticity. This won’t reflect badly. Your audience will relate to you and trust you more.)


Is there new or current event going on in your relevant industry? Find a blog post or news article about it and share it.


How about an event going on in your community? Post and ask who’s planning on going.


Do an “Ask Me Anything” event on your Instagram Stories. Invite questions from your audience and then answer them!


Better yet, make it a series and have your staff do one for their positions as well.


Find an inspiring quote you love that applies to your business and share it.


Share your wisdom. Have ideas or tips that would help your audience? Let them know. Yes you’re giving away free information. No it won’t hurt you. It establishes you as an expert in your field.


Speaking of which, if you have the time and resources, starting a blog is an excellent way to post original content, and have your audience trust you and your expertise.


Are you being featured in the media OMG WHY HAVEN’T YOU SHARED AND BRAGGED ABOUT THAT YET?!


Listening to music while you work? Share your motivating playlist! It might help others!


What are your evening plans? Concert? Glass of wine by the fire? Reading a great book you’ve been waiting to dive into? Share a little about your life outside of work. People like learning about you.


See something cool on your drive home? Take a pic and post it.


New collaboration with a business coming up? Make sure you work it into your weekly, or daily schedule if appropriate. Teasing upcoming content is awesome!


Finally, the easy stuff! Memes, or other funny content you find. Just make sure you credit the author if possible.

Now Get Going!

Hopefully this is helpful inspo for days when you just can’t find it. Remember, this gets easier with time. The more you do it, the better and more creative your posts will become. 

Tag us on social media with your favourite content you’ve created in the last week!



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