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The Best Marketing Investment you can Make for your Business

There are a few things that go into making really engaging content for you audience.

  1. Posts that provide value.
  2. Creative, funny, or posts that encourage your audience to participate.
  3. Visually appealing photos and graphics.
Today, we’re talking about that third one. The very basics of it. And why making this investment can up your social media game ten-fold.
Get a camera phone that takes high quality pictures.
Here’s the thing. You can’t just do that, and expect to be the next Annie Leibovitz. There has to be some work on your end as well. But with the camera phones on the market these days, it can go a long way towards helping even the most hapless photographer.

Here’s some of the biggest mistakes we see when it comes to social media images.

  1. The image is blurry. GAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DON’T DO THIS. If your picture is blurry, do not post it. We cannot stress this enough. If you think it looks ‘good enough’, we’re here to tell you, gently, and respectfully, it isn’t. Especially if you’re on your business account. If you’re a business, your audience expects professional content, and blurry photos scream amateur.

  2. It’s to light/too dark. Sometimes, filters can help this problem. Sometimes they can’t – or they make it worse. So if you think your pic is bordering on being to dark or to light, err on the side of caution and don’t post it.

  3. It doesn’t align with your brand. Ok so a camera phone may or may not help with this. If it’s a matter of colour, not content, then usually you can find a filter or an app that can help you out. However, if you run a coffee shop and you’re posting about the benefits of living a caffeine free lifestyle, maybe rethink that one.

So, to take a good photograph, you need many things. Too many to go into in this post, plus, there are entire college programs based on this so there’s no way we could cover it all. (However, if you’re interested in learning more, there’s all kinds of information all over the internet).  But if you want to immediately improve the quality of your pics, then get one of these phones:

  • Samsung S10

  • Google Pixel 3

  • Huawei P30

Our creative director has been using the Samsung models for years, and she swears by them. In the last couple of years, other brands have caught up. Huawei in particular makes use of four (FOUR) different lenses on the P30.  Samsung has three.  Google Pixel has just one, but claims to make up for it through artificial intelligence. And based on some of the reviews we’ve seen, nothing beats the Pixel in low light.

To be honest, you likely can’t go wrong with any of these choices. Even the iPhone X has caught up in recent years through it’s camera programming.

What we’re advocating here is to do your research. Find the phone that has the camera that’s going to be right for you on a daily basis. Watch the YouTube reviews. Take a few for a test run. Because theoretically, you’re going to be using this device every day in your business through social media channels. So you’re definitely going to want a machine that does a good, reliable job every time you take it out.

Once you’ve got the right tool, you’ll be on your way to taking amazing photographs for your social media feeds. But remember, that’s not all it takes. 

Exciting times ahead. 

More content coming talking about editing apps, angles, colour, filters and much more.

What’s your favourite tip for photography for social media? Let us know at @cc_socialmarketing on Facebook and Instagram. 



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