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We believe that the best way to engage your audience and build trust is through storytelling. From start to finish, every product we create for you will showcase your unique business and perspective.

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Together, Justin, Tania and Cara have over 30 years of experience in creating digital content. They all have aligned vision around storytelling, and the importance of sharing your message in a way that connects deeply with your clients and your audience.

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A Team Of Professionals

Cara Campbell

Creative Director

Cara got her start in broadcast journalism back in 2011. She loved the idea of being able to tell stories that impacted her community on a daily basis. Here she honed her writing, shooting, production, and editing experience. In addition, she was able to anchor the nightly news, weather and sports. Since leaving the world of media, Cara has continued to tell stories, and loves what she does. Whether it’s creating a brand strategy from the ground up, working on engaging social media content, or videos, she’s all in, all the time.

In her spare time, Cara loves creating videos (surprise!) for her family and friends, cooking fancy food, wine, and hanging out with her partner Greg, and doggo, Jasper.

Justin Pereira

Video Production & Editing

Justin loves the experiences that come along with this job. He’s exposed to different industries, events, locations, people and experiences. No two days, or projects are ever the same. Justin’s been on this career path since he was 15 years old, but formalized it with a Broadcast Television Diploma and Digital Post-Production Graduate Certificate from Fanshawe College.

When he’s not behind the camera, he loves everything to do with the film industry (shocking!), like movies, theatres, and drive-ins. He also loves cooking, nature, travel, juggling and Lego. Justin and his girlfriend, Serena, have an adorable guard dog named Bella, and Toby, a chihuahua who loves being your best lap dog.

Tania DeJonge

Web Development & Graphic Design

Tania got her start at Fanshawe College, taking Multi-Media Design & Production. She hasn’t slowed down since. She started her graphic design and web firm, A Driven Design ten years ago. She loves creating brands and content through storytelling (which is why we love her!).

When she’s not designing your perfect website, she loves hiking, traveling, music, gardening and hanging out with her amazing family: Kelly, her fiancé, Molly, her charming border-collie, Rhea, a fetch-obsessed doodle, and Mocha, a kitty who likes to help code our web projects.


Chief Pawperating Officer

Jasper’s laser dedication and focus while playing fetch and swimming make her an ideal candidate for this role. She keeps things light around the office, but makes sure we are staying on track with our clients. Her favourite videos to work on are ones shot in off- leash dog parks, lakes, and conservation areas. She also engages her furry friends, Molly, Rhea, Mocha, Bella and Toby when the team is in need of extra motivation and chaos.

When she’s not busy at work, Jasper can be found napping, protecting the backyard from devil’s spawn (squirrels !!) barking at curtains, and playing zoomies.


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“CC Social is brilliant and innovative in the content they create, and excels in telling the story of our organization in an empathic, relatable way. CC Social has changed the way our organization markets itself. We’re on the cutting edge of digital marketing, instead of trying to catch up.”

Corey Allison

Executive Director, Women’s Rural Resource Centre


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